I LOVE having a printed book of all my favorite snapshots in our day-to-day life!!!! My moments don't have to live on my phone any longer and we adore being able to sift through the moments and giggle and recall what we felt and what took place when that snapshot was taken. I absolutely love the BooksTo.Me service!
Huong @huongforrest

Instead of letting my photos live forever on my phone, I now have little books filled with photos of my kids, light, and my everyday life without having to take time out of my busy schedule to download, organize, print. I love having BooksTo.Me take the stress out of printing my little diary of sorts and the surprise every month when that gorgeous book arrives!
Kate @kateybentley

I'm a firm believer in making real prints from my digital photos but, like everyone else, it's something that just gets put off until next week... and the next... and the next. Finally, BooksTo.Me has created a way to automate the process of turning digital photos into real, physical photos! I love that it fits seamlessly with the way I already live my life - I don't have to do anything, just set it up once and get a beautifully printed album in the mail once a month. Brilliant!
Chris @chrisgscott